$10 cash back off parts

Has the information on this site helped you save a few bucks? Want to save a few more? Get $10 cash back Ebates signup bonus.

Click for Ebates referral link. (Yes, I get a referral bonus, yes, it also saves you money)

or just donate (PayPal)

Ebates is really simple and free. Just sign up, look up your favorite store, click their link (turn off adblock if you have it), the store pays Ebates a referral fee, and Ebates shares it with you and sends you a check. It’s really that easy. There might be other sites that offer a higher percentage of cashback, but they aren’t always reliable, and Ebates has a $10 signup bonus.

  1. Click for Ebates referral link. (Yes, I get a referral bonus, yes, it also saves you money)
  2. Press the “Join Now” button in the top right of the page.

    join now
    “Join Now” button
  3. Enter your email (a throwaway is fine as long as you remember it) and a password and press “Join Now”. Ignore “Did someone refer you?” if you clicked the link.

    sign up
    Just enter your email and a password and join
  4. Search for your favorite store in the search bar at the top (I used eBay)

    There’s hundreds of participating shops, not just bike shops
  5. Click the big red-orange “Shop now” button, cash back rates can be viewed on the page as well. Turn off adblock for Ebates if you have it on. (Sporting goods is the category bike parts are sold under, 2% at the time of this screenshot)
    shop now
    Don’t forget to turn off Adblock, then “Shop Now”

    6. It takes you to eBay, or the store linked. To get the $10 cashback bonus, you will need to spend $25 through an Ebates referral session within 90 days.

You’ll get the percentage cashback too, it adds up when buying hundreds of dollars worth of parts. You can add a paypal account or have them send a physical check in the mail after adding your mailing address to your account. It’s that easy. Several of the major UK online bike shops participate too, not just US based ones, so don’t forget.


Or if that’s too much trouble, consider donating, even if it’s only a dollar or two, all proceeds will be spent towards buying new parts to review.