UNO ASA-105 Stem (31.8)

uno steel
UNO ASA-105 100mm

This 100mm stem weighs only 107g, saving up to 53g over an OEM stem. They are made by Kalloy, a major OEM supplier of components like stems, seatposts and bars. Fit and finish are good, they meet CEN standards. UNO is their own house brand, but you can also find these rebranded for much more money. Comes in a wide variety of lengths 80-130mm, in both 7° and 17° versions. While not the best value if replacing purely for weight reduction, if you need to change stems for fitting purposes, you will most likely end up paying more for a heavier stem buying anything else. They come with different logos depending on year. There is another version of the stem that looks almost identical, but is slightly heavier and made from 6061, the ASA-025. At $21, and saving 2.5g per dollar, it represents a good value, moderate cost upgrade. They can be found on eBay. If you can’t wait for overseas shipping you can pay a premium for a similar OS stem made by Kalloy from Nashbar or Performance Bike.

Stock Stem



Price: $21 [Moderate Cost]

Value: 2.5g/$ ($0.40/g) [Good Value]

✔ Recommended



Hylix Stem (31.8)

Hylix 100mm w/ Ti bolts

This 100mm stem weighs only 99g, saving up to 61g over an OEM stem. These are junk. Fit and finish issues all over, poorly machined, the steerer clamp seems to be overbored, and the bottom of the clamp isn’t flat, applying unequal force on the headset. There’s no particular reason to buy this stem, especially not at full price. Kalloy UNO stems are better quality, and a well established brand. The only reason to buy this stem is because sometimes you can win an auction for one with Ti bolts for the price of Ti bolts.

Stock Stem



Price: $27 [High Cost]

✘ Not Recommended

Poorly made, get an UNO ASA-105, 7050, or “7” stem instead.