GUB SI Seatpost

gub si
GUB SI Seatpost (27.2 x 240mm)

This seatpost weighs only 146g when cut down to 240mm, saving up to 128g over a generic 300mm seatpost. In the original form at 350mm, it weighed 188g. It resembles numberous light weight seatposts and some of the lightest seatposts share the cross-pin design. The yokes are flat, making them easier to align with the rails. It has an oval bore to save weight and the cross-pin has a flange to prevent slipping and is also angled to keep the screws straighter. However, it does not have spherical screw-heads although the need is lessened because the cross-pin is angled. The clamp design offers less support to rails, imparts a bending load instead of a clamping load to grip them, and is very wide offering little adjustment, features common to this design. Larger riders and riders with lightweight rail materials should exercise caution when using this post. For each centimeter removed, the weight will be reduced about 3.8g, but remember to leave enough post for safe usage.  In stock form, at $12 and saving 8.8g per dollar, it represents an excellent value, moderate cost upgrade. This increases to an exceptional 10.7g per dollar when cut down. It can be found on eBay.

generic sp
Generic Seatpost (27.2 x 300mm)



Price: $12 [Moderate Cost]

Value: 8.8g/$ ($0.09/g) [Exceptional Value]

✔ Recommended with caveats

These seatposts are zero setback and offer even less adjustment range than the GUB GS Seatpost, so they are not for everyone. These are both cheaper and lighter, but the clamp design is also less friendly to exotic rail materials. There is little to lose by cutting them down for further weight savings.


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