Wellgo MG-8 SPD

Wellgo MG-8

These pedals weigh only 242g for a pair, saving up to 122 grams over Shimano PD-M520. The pedals are significantly lighter than the entry level Shimano PD-M520 which are often used as first clipless pedals, or any Shimano SPD pedals for that matter. However, they are single sided, require some practice and are not as easy to use as double sided SPD pedals. They also use an inboard bushing like many cheaper or lighter pedals, and will eventually wear out, but being made by Wellgo, are otherwise completely functional pedals. The sources for these pedals at low cost are drying up. You can get an ugly painted version from Pricepoint for $30, but they are otherwise $45 on eBay. Aawyeah seems to have recently sold out. At $30 saving 4.1g per dollar, it represents an excellent value, high cost upgrade. It can be purchased on Pricepoint and eBay, and formerly Aawyeah.

Shimano PD-M520



Price: $30 [High Cost]

Value: 4.1g/$ ($0.25/g) [Excellent Value]

✔ Recommended with caveats

Some may find single sided pedals awkward, and the bushing will eventually wear out, especially if you don’t maintain them. Supplies seem to be limited. At $45, they’re only a good value.



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