Rubino Pro Slick 25mm

rubino pro slick 25
Rubino Pro Slick 25mm

A Rubino Pro Slick 25mm weighs only 239g, saving up to 91 grams over an OEM wire bead tire, or 182g worth of rotating mass for a pair. Vittoria advertises them optimistically at 225g. These are the Pro Slick version, the non-pro version not only has a heavy wire bead, but also a lower TPI casing. Although advertised as a 150 TPI tire, the sidewalls feel thicker than you would expect, although they are still very soft. It may have to do with the way they apply rubber. They make a good all-round tire. The 25mm version is not as wide as expected, and does not seem to be a full 2mm wider than the 23mm version. At $20 each, and saving 4.6g per dollar, it represents a excellent value, moderate cost upgrade. They can be purchased from one of the various UK based webshops.

wire bead
Wire bead 23mm


Price: $20 [Moderate Cost]

Value: 4.6g/$ ($0.22/g) [Excellent Value]

✔ Recommended with caveats

Heavier than advertised, and not as supple as the TPI would imply. Not a full size wider than the 23mm version. Still a good all-round economical tire.


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