Forte Pro Lite

forte pro
Forte Pro Lite

A Forte Pro Lite weighs only 189g, saving up to 141 grams over an OEM wire bead tire, or 282g worth of rotating mass for a pair. The Forte Pro+ is significantly heavier and less supple. 23mm wide, and with a 120 TPI casing, these have the almost paper-thin supple sidewalls you would expect from a high quality high TPI racing tire and come in lighter than the advertised 205g. I’m not sure they have any flat protection though. At $19 each, and saving 7.4g per dollar, it represents a exceptional value, moderate cost upgrade. They can be purchased from Performance Bike.

wire bead
Wire bead 23mm


Price: $19 [Moderate Cost]

Value: 7.4g/$ ($0.13/g) [Exceptional Value]

✔ Recommended with caveats

They seem to be on clearance, being replaced by the new Forte LCR tire. They may also not have any flat protection.


2 thoughts on “Forte Pro Lite

  1. Jim E. June 29, 2016 / 5:26 pm

    I don’t know about this lite version but the Pro+ was the worst tire I have ever owned. It was literally 3mph slower rolling down a 6% grade (36mph vs 33mph) compared to Rubino slicks. Not only that but they fit very loose and one wound up blowing off the rim at only 100 p.s.i while JRA.


  2. 2lo8 June 29, 2016 / 10:15 pm

    Yes, I mentioned that the Pro+ is not a supple tire, and basically not worth considering. They are completely different tires, despite the similar branding, tread and casing because of flat protection. Whatever suppleness there was to be had from the 120 tpi casing, they killed with their flat protection strip. If the bead was seated, that’s pretty bad if it blew off at 100 psi.


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