RockBros 185g Saddle

rockbros saddle
RockBros Saddle

This saddle weighs only 180g, saving up to 202g over a stock OEM saddle. It is relatively unassuming in black or white with the only design being an embossed RockBros logo and steel rails but almost as light as some carbon railed saddles and lighter than many titanium railed saddles. It resembles a Selle San Marco Aspide, but the shell is not carbon fiber reinforced, so it is not very stiff, and the saddle is a narrow 130mm wide with thin padding. It also resembles one of the Pure Fix saddles, if you are seeking a domestic source. As always, a saddle should be picked for comfort first, then weight, but this doesn’t cost much to try out. At $23 and saving 8.8g per dollar, it represents an extraordinary value, moderate cost upgrade. It can be found on eBay by searching descriptions for ‘RockBros Saddle 185g’

generic saddle
Generic Road Saddle


Price: $23 [Moderate Cost]

Value: 8.8g/$ ($0.11/g) [Exceptional Value]

✔ Recommended with caveats

This saddle may not suit everyone’s tastes, but is not expensive, and may be worth a try.


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