Mr. Ride Seat Clamp

mr ride clamp
Mr. Ride Seat Clamp (34.9mm)

This 34.9mm seat clamp weighs only 9g, saving up to 11g over a generic seat clamp. Expect a 31.8mm to come in a gram or so less. They come in various colors, and come with a titanium bolt. These do not have a steel barrel for the female threads, and the screw is very short. If the paint on your frame is thick, this may be a problem. However, overall it is a sturdy, functional lightweight design at less than half the weight of the generic. At $16 and saving 0.7g per dollar, it represents a poor value, moderate cost upgrade. It can be found on eBay.

generic clamp
Generic Seat Clamp (34.9mm)



Price: $16 [Moderate Cost]

Value: 0.7g/$ ($1.45/g) [Poor Value]

✘ Not Recommended

The value just isn’t there, and the short bolt is an annoyance. Otherwise it is a very nice clamp. However, if you’re building a bike from scratch, and you’re willing to pay an extra couple of dollars for shipping from the US, it is an acceptable value.


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