J&L Seat Clamp

jl clamp
J&L Seat Clamp (34.9mm)

This 34.9mm seat clamp weighs only 10g, saving up to 10g over a generic seat clamp. Expect a 31.8mm to come in a gram or so less. They come in various colors, and this one has a titanium bolt. These do not have a steel barrel for the female threads. Unfortunately, the design just isn’t good. The relief has sharp corners, stress risers. There’s no bridge at the front connecting the split loops,  and the lip on the top loop is very shallow. Most of the time, the top loop just kept popping off the top of the seat tube when it was tightened, making it incredibly unreliable. It may work if your seat post has no paint and dimensionally perfect. Or it may not, because of the split design, it can get squeezed and bent in shipping. At $11 and saving 0.9g per dollar, it represents a poor value. It can be found on eBay.

generic clamp
Generic Seat Clamp (34.9mm)



Price: $11 [Moderate Cost]

✘ Not Recommended

It just doesn’t work very well, and even if it did, it’s not a good value compared to the generic $2 clamp. If it worked, it would just barely be an acceptable value if you didn’t already have a clamp.


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