J&L 36g Skewers

JL skewers
J&L 36g Skewers

These titanium skewers weigh only 36g, saving up to 82g over generic steel skewers. Build quality is unimpressive. On one set, the recess for the springs was not large enough for the springs, and the threads were different pitches. The other set had plastic washers. On both, the machining accuracy of the levers was poor and not well aligned. These have additional weight reduction over the generic titanium skewers because they are turned down to be narrower in the middle, and have a light weight titanium lever. The alloy faces have very little bite, but skewers are not through-axles, and mostly intended to apply compression force on the dropouts. If working as intended, it is the friction between the serrated steel nut on the hub and the dropouts that holds the wheel in place, not the friction of the skewer. However, these may not be strong enough for horizontal dropouts. I dislike the round profile springs that come with these and usually use the flat spring that come with the original skewers. At $36, they cost $26 more than the generic titanium skewers for an addition weight savings of only 14g making this a relatively poor value, high cost upgrade. It can be found on eBay.

generic skewers

Generic Steel Skewers



Price: $36 [High Cost]

Value: 2.7g/$ ($0.44/g) [Good Value]

✘ Not Recommended

While they do work, the generic titanium skewers are simply a better value and better quality. Only consider these if you need to lose every last gram. If you carry a multi-tool, and don’t have a team mechanic to hand you a new wheel, consider using titanium hex skewers which are of similar weight.


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