Generic (RockBros) Alloy Zero-Setback Seatpost

rockbros sp
Generic Zero Setback Seatpost

This seatpost weighs only 210g at 350mm, saving up to 83g over a generic 300mm seatpost. This one is branded RockBros, but it can be found sold branded as other makes. It is light, but the quality is unacceptably poor. This sample was undersized and had holes drilled off-center. Even without defects, the design is bad, the heads of the screws have very little contact area, there is nothing holding the cross bar in place, and the round barrels refuse to stay perpendicular to the saddle rails. While it is 15g lighter than the 385mm GUB GS seatpost, they are the same weight when the GUB is cut down to 350mm. At $13, it’s not worth saving $2 for an inferior seatpost. Just buy the GUB GS seatpost. Also look at GUB SI Seatpost. Both can be found on eBay.

generic sp
Generic Seatpost (27.2 x 300mm)


Price: $13 [Moderate Cost]

✘ Not Recommended

The quality and design of this seatpost is just bad. There’s no reason to buy this over the GUB GS seatpost or the GUB SI Seatpost.


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