Fairing Bolts (CNC)

fairing bolts
Aluminum M5 Fairing Bolts (5pc)

The fairing bolts only 6g for a set of 5, saving up to 11 grams over a steel bolts. These bolts are sold as fairing bolts for motorcycles, and come in a variety of colors. Normally, bolt tuning is considered being a drastic measure for every last gram. While bicycles do not have fairings, they use several M5 bolts. 4 for the bottle cages, and 1 for the bottom bracket guide. Some people also use them for the front derailer, but these aren’t long enough for a chain catcher. Note that the bolt may have to be cut short to not interfere with the bottom bracket. If you can not cut metal, you can keep the steel bolt, or use an inexpensive even lighter nylon M5 or 8-32 screw, as it requires very little strength. While I doubt anyone cares about saving 10g off of a 500lb motorcycle, these are anodized in various colors and made in aluminum for that reason. There are two designs, ones has sharper edges, the other is a button head. After using the ones with sharper edges I recommend the button head ones as they seem less likely to scratch up your bottles if the bottle cages mounting points are not recessed enough. The other ones are also lighter. At $2 for a set of 6 saving 5.5g per dollar, it represents an exceptional value, very low cost upgrade. It can be purchased on eBay.

steel bolts
Steel M5 Bolts (5pc)


Price: $2 [Very Low Cost]

Value: 5.5g/$ ($0.18/g) [Exceptional Value]

✘ Not Recommended

Try the other style instead. Fairing Bolts (Button Head)



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