Chinese Carbon Bottle Cage

carbon cage

Generic Carbon Cage

The generic carbon bottle cage weighs only 20g, saving up to 39 grams over a generic alloy cage, or 78g per pair. The design resembles the Bontrager carbon bottle cages, but at a fraction of the cost. While functional, the quality is subpar, with some samples showing clear resin voids with no carbon fiber and holes may be slightly undersized. Compared to a lightweight plastic cage, it is not a good value, however, there is no guarantee of receiving a lightweight plastic cage. You are much more likely to receive a lightweight carbon cage than gambling with plastic cages. Unlike the aluminum cage, it will not mark up your bottles as much either. At $9 each, or $18 for two, and saving 4.3g per dollar, it represents an excellent value, moderate cost upgrade. It can be purchased on eBay.

generic cage
Generic Alloy Cage


Price: $18/pair ($9 each) [Moderate Cost]

Value: 4.3g/$ ($0.23/g) [Excellent Value]

✔ Recommended



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